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Meywalk Large Gait Trainer

4345.00 Ea
Item Number: 104173
Mfg Number: 104173
Manufacturer: Meyland-Smith
  • Easy Adjustments
  • All Steel Construction
  • Soft No Flat Tires and Casters
  • Ages 14 to adult
Length: 37.5"
Weight: 57lbs (26kg)
Wheel size, rear: 16"
Wheel size, front: 8"
Trunk support height: 41"
Seat/groin height: 28"
Width: 27.5"
Length: 37.5"
Weight: 57lbs (26kg)
Trunk support height: 41"
Seat/groin height: 28"
Width: 27.5"
Max. load: 220lbs (100kg)
Leg Guides - #104168 Help to center legs and reduces external rotation.

Leg Panel - #104044 Leg Separation Plate Helps Prevent Leg Scissoring.

Non Reverse Brakes - #104023 Prevent Rearward Movement of Gait Trainer.

Drag Brakes - #104166 Provide resistance and slows the users walking speed

Hip Pads - #104215 Keep hips centered.

Height Reducing Kit - #104110 Height Reducing Fittings: Lowers Large and Medium by 3 inches.

Anti Tips Levers - #104167

How to measure for a Meywalk gait trainer.

Can my child trial a Meywalk gait trainer to see if it will work?


Meywalk and Miniwalk gait trainers are available to trial through your local DME supplier.

Are meywalk gait trainers covered by my insurance carrier?

Contact your insurance carrier and your local DME supplier to see what level of coverage is available for gait trainers.


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