HeadPod / Head Active Head Supports

HeadPod Head Support System, Standard Kit
  • Complete Kit with Adjustable Width Headband and a variety of Mounting Options
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Easily Adaptable to a Wide Variety of Strollers, Wheelchairs, Standers and Activity chairs
  • Can be Adjusted for Minimal to Maximal Assistance
  • Used during School, Playtime, Mealtime
  • Used during Augmentative Communication when Head Stability is Challenged
  • Can be worn under a Hat or Cap
  • Patented
  • Literature available in English and Spanish

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HeadPod User Manual
HeadPod Training Presentaion
HeadPod Clinical Research

Headpod Active
  • Easier mounting on to headrests with center mount fixtures
  • More stability for the active user
  • Kit includes optional Chin Strap

HeadPod Head Support System - Pro Kit
  • Designed for Clinic Use, to be used with children of all sizes
  • Includes Silicone Chin Strap
  • Includes Complete Adjustable Arc and Mini Arc, each with forehead and occipital strap

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Head Active Dynamic Head Support - Standard
  • Designed for the older teen and adult
  • Simple setup
  • Chin Strap not available for the HeadActive

Head Active Order Form
Head Active User Manual

HeadPod Head Support System - Mini Kit
  • For small heads smaller than 18 1/2 (less than 5.25" wide)
  • Includes Mini and Small Arc with one occipital and one forehead silicone strap
  • Includes all standard kit options, with the exception of two smaller arcs instead of the adj width

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